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Sale Day Rules

Everyone must abide by the rules laid down in the General License.
All sales and transfers of livestock must be recorded on the forms that are provided.

Wristbands must be worn at all times.
Any damaged or repaired bands must be taken to main entrance where a replacement will be given.
Anyone trying to gain access with a repaired wristband will be refused entry.


Everyone should now know that we have to assure the public and the authorities that we are experts in our field, and we know best how to care for our birds. At Newark in general the birds are displayed in good order, but there are still a few borderline cases. I am sure the R.S.P.C.A. the local council and the extremists will be in attendance and ignorance will be no excuse. At Newark we pride ourselves in the fact that we are a bird breeders show run by bird breeders, please keep up the good work.


Cages that are painted or of non-porous materials are preferred but are not always practical. However they must not show signs of previous inhabitation ie. they should be cleaned between shows.


Food and water must be provided whilst on display to the public.


There must be enough perches and perch length so that all birds in the cage can perch at the same time with a reasonable space between each bird. Perches must be sighted so that there is at least 50mm 2inches head and tail space from ceiling, floor and walls. Food and water must be accessible at all times when on display. Cages must not show signs of previous inhabitation i.e. they must be clean and especially cleaned between shows as a preference they should be gloss painted or of non- porous material. Standard show cages may be used as long as they are correct for the type of bird displayed and not more than one pair per cage (2 pairs for foreign finches only).


Tables should not be stacked too high there will be a safety limit of 2.15meters 7foot a measuring stick will be used and any cage that stands higher than that mark will have to be removed. The table height is 80cm or 31.5inches so the maximum your tables can be stacked is 1.35meters or 53inches. This is a health and safety rule and is not negotiable; cages that are stacked must also be stable and not prone to toppling.


The above guidelines apply to members tables and trade stands that use exhibition tables.



After a meeting with the local council it was decided that anyone booking more than three private tables should be considered a dealer. This means any one person cannot be allocated more than three tables with the exception of the following. Parrot society area organizers, Leicester and county parakeet soc and charity table. 

Show booking

                         Booking for the following show will still be allowed on the day for anyone re-booking their space. i.e. if you have a table or trade stand that day you can book the same space or table Nos only for the next show. All un-allocated space will be on a first come first served basis by post after the day of the show.

I am sure everyone will agree to abide by these rules, as I am sure most people already do.

Please if you do not agree the simple answer is donít come !!!

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